Mobile Application Development using PhoneGap

1. Short Intro of PhoneGap and PhoneGap’s journey towards Standards
2. Choosing the right UI Framework for PhoneGap
i) jQuery Mobile –
a. A Short Walk through of capabilities of jQuery and its ease of use
b. How to integrate JQuery Mobile with PhoneGap
ii) Sencha Touch –
a. History of ExtJS, EXT GWT and Sencha Touch.
b. A Short Walk through of capabilities of Sencha Touch and its strengths over jQuery Mobile.
c. Integration of Sencha Touch with PhoneGap
3. Doing OAuth with PhoneGap Applications for Facebook and Twitter
4. Building Applications on Cloud using PhoneGap Build
– PhoneGap Build Concept
– Setting up PhoneGap Build Environment
5. Extending PhoneGap to add more native support using PhoneGap Plugins
– Why to build Plugins?
– PhoneGap Plugin Architecture
– Developing iPhone and Android Plugin


Mobile Application Development Conference Speaker“Rohit Ghatol is an Associate Architect with QuickOffice, He is currently building the SAAS platform (on Cloud) for QuickOffice. His areas of expertise are Web 2.0, Android, Cross Mobile/Desktop Platform Products. He has been a Technical Speaker at various events, also double at Corporate Speaker. He was earlier been part of OpenSocial Team at Google. He is the founder of Pune GTUG and Tech Next. He is currently writing a book Beginning PhoneGap for Apress.

Rohit Ghatol will be presenting on “Mobile Application Development using PhoneGap” at the 2nd Annual Conference On Mobile Application Development to be held in Pune, India on 19,20 August 2011.Click here for a list of other Speakers & Sessions @ The Conference

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