Developing enterprise applications beyond PC

This presentation talks about how to build applications that target devices beyond PC. It will showcase how Adobe AIR technology is used to develop an application which runs on multiple mobile devices. Presentation will cover specific considerations when building a Flex application for BlackBerry playbook. Application is enterprise class software which showcases various dashboards useful the executives. Talk will also cover architecture behind the application and how it can be scaled to suite multiple mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. Presentation will also talk about performance considerations when developing enterprise class mobile applications as well tips and tricks that are useful while developing such applications. Presentation will end with live demo of an application on BlackBerry Playbook device. Overall this presentation is planned for 40-50 mins including the demo.

Brief outline:

  • Essentials of BlackBerry Playbook application development
  • Nuts and Bolts: Architecture and Design considerations
  • Tools and Technologies
  • Live Demo
  • Gotchas: Few tips and tricks


  • What is the thinking that needs to be adapted that is different than typical desktop based development
  • Know what technology has to offer for handheld devices
  • What are the skill sets that needs to be developed and what is the learning curve
  • What are the various bits and pieces of mobile application development how to tie them altogether
  • What resources are available and tricks of the trade


Mobile Application Development Conference SpeakerYateen Shaha is a computer science engineer with more than 9 years of experience in analysis, design, and development of complex software systems using various technologies such as Java, JavaScript and ActionScript. I hold a masters degree in software systems and am a SAS certified warehouse architect. I have a sound understanding of software engineering processes for developing complex, high quality software systems. I was working as framework and API developer before I started developing applications for mobile devices.

Yateen Shaha will be presenting on “Developing enterprise applications beyond PC” at the 2nd Annual Conference On Mobile Application Development to be held in Pune, India on 19,20 August 2011.Click here for a list of other Speakers & Sessions @ The Conference

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