Fast and Rich Animations For Your Android Apps Using OpenGL ES

With the increasing number of Android devices coming in the market. Everyone wants to build more interative and captivating applications. Todo this one must ensure good design and feel factor. Animations are used extensively to bring out the best experience a user can have. But sometimes doing these animations in 2D (UI thread) just does not suffice. In certain situations like these, applications can use the built in OpenGL ES library and do the required animations without compromising performance or design in any way.

In this session I will explain when to use openGL ES, also how to use it effectively, how to calculate the Frames per second of the 3D rendering thread. Also the session will cover the basics required to program in 3D with some basic examples on how to draw simple geometric structures.
In the end I will also introduce gaming tools such as AndEngine which use OpenGL ES.
Takeaways for the audience:
– When to use OpenGL ES in your application
– When not to use OpenGL ES
– Basics that will get you started with programming in 3D
– Tips on how to debug OpenGL ES calls
– Optimization tricks for animations in OpenGL ES


Mobile Application Development Conference SpeakerKauserali Hafizji works with June Software and was earlier with Tap N Tap as an Android developer. He has worked on 3 custom android based tablets and learned a lot about the android infrastructure by working right on the framework. His interests in android include The android UI toolkit and Using OpenGL ES for richer applications.

He is a computer science graduate from Pune Institute of Computer technology. He was one of only 2 Indian engineers selected to attend a summer university in Europe. During this I created an entire working product

Kauserali Hafizji will be presenting on “Fast and Rich animations for your Android Apps using OpenGL ES” at the 2nd Annual Conference On Mobile Application Development to be held in Pune, India on 19,20 August 2011.Click here for a list of other Speakers & Sessions @ The Conference

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